ALERT: Top Clinton Ally RETURNS To Attack Trump

In this eye-opening special report, Gary Franchi exposes the blatant hypocrisy and leftist bias of George Stephanopoulos, the former Bill Clinton staffer turned ABC News political director. Franchi uncovers how Stephanopoulos, a man with a history of covering up Clinton scandals, now leads a smear campaign against President Trump, painting him as abnormal based on the Democrats’ relentless attacks and sham investigations. This report delves into the media’s role as a mouthpiece for the left, pushing a narrative aimed at undermining Trump’s credibility and eroding his support. However, as Franchi reveals, the Democrats’ mistreatment of Trump and the media’s incessant attacks paradoxically serve as the best advocates for a Trump victory. Join us as we peel back the layers of deception and expose the desperate attempts of a party that resorts to discrediting its opposition rather than presenting a strong candidate.

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“They cant stop Trump..”

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