WATCH: ‘View’ Co-Hosts Go On DISTURBING Anti-Trump rant

In this explosive SPECIAL REPORT, Gary Franchi exposes the unhinged obsession of liberal media pundits on 'The View' as they indulge in disturbing fever...

WATCH: Massive Announcement On Trump Going To Prison

"It's Ready..." Top Comment: "The judge should be charged with treason first amendment infringing"

Trump Attorney Reveals Shocking New Details

'State Of Crisis' Top Comment: "This judge, and all others, should be disbarred!"

Team Biden Just Got The BAD News… Wow

The latest round of polling is very bad news for Joe Biden. Can he recover before November? Top Comment: "Joe batting a 1000 on being a...

Stormy Daniels Gets Disastrous News On Trump Case

She's done... Top Comment: "These witnesses are being shown in their true sleazy ways that they conduct business!"

Alvin Bragg Gets DISASTROUS News

His Scheme Failed Top Comment: "Bragg should be charged with misconduct and conspiracy"

ALERT: Shock Crisis ROCKS White House – Biden Notified

The whole administration is in shambles... Top Comment: "I dont vote for someone who's been in office for 46 years lining his pockets"

Breaking: Newest Weapon Of War Is TERRIFYING

In a chilling development straight out of a Terminator movie, DARPA has unveiled its latest creation: a 20-foot tall autonomous robo-tank with glowing green...

ALERT: Top Clinton Ally RETURNS To Attack Trump

In this eye-opening special report, Gary Franchi exposes the blatant hypocrisy and leftist bias of George Stephanopoulos, the former Bill Clinton staffer turned ABC...

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