Dems Caught In Another HUGE Lie…

First Lady Jill Biden makes a speech in California comparing banning sexually explicit content in elementary schools to Nazi Germany during World War II. Top...

WATCH: Fox News Start Sounds The Alarm – “This is a Setup!”

Fox News host Mark Levin reacts to former President Trump attending the wake of slain New York police officer Jonathan Diller and President Biden...

Biden Trashes Christianity On Easter Sunday

'The Big Weekend Show' react to criticism facing President Biden after announcing Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday. Top Comment: "Joe's an absolute disgrace"

Fani Willis Removal Notice Rocks Trump Court Case

Court Decision To Shake Trump Case Top Comment: "She is a disgrace to our law system"

Breaking: Massive BACKFIRE For Letitia James

Her Nightmare Scenario Unfolded... Top Comment: "Letitia: Do not pass GO. Go directly to jail."

VIDEO: Kayleigh McEnany Drops Huge Trump News On Live TV

This Is Serious... Top Comment: "Someone needs to stop the continued spending! America is supposed to have protection and a border!"

WATCH: Biden Fundraiser Takes STUNNING Anti-American Turn

This is unbelievable... Top Comment: "Let's see... Make America Great or Down with the USA? TRUMP 2024!"

Joe Biden FURIOUS After RFK Jr. Makes The Announcement

'Indicted Any Day Now' Top Comment: "Well, that's what is happening to Trump. Why wouldn't they do the same thing to RFK Jr.?"

Trump Attorney Shocks World With Biden Bombshell

inks Biden DOJ To Stormy Daniels Case Top Comment: "I'm so done with this stupid clown show! Trump2024"

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