WATCH: ‘View’ Co-Hosts Go On DISTURBING Anti-Trump rant

In this explosive SPECIAL REPORT, Gary Franchi exposes the unhinged obsession of liberal media pundits on ‘The View’ as they indulge in disturbing fever dreams about imprisoning former President Donald Trump. Witness the shameful display of bias and desperation as these hosts revel in fantasies of sending Trump to jail, revealing their deep-seated fear of his unwavering resilience and influence. Gary Franchi delves into the twisted mindset of the left, showcasing their relentless attempts to undermine and persecute the former president. This SPECIAL REPORT uncovers the coordinated attacks and blatant disregard for justice perpetuated by the liberal media, as they prioritize their vengeful agenda over truth and integrity. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking analysis of the media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome and the dangerous implications of their unhinged obsession.

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“Pure evil!”

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